A collage of five generations of my family.

Introducing my world of genealogy! A large part of my genealogical research involves analyzing DNA results and being able to assign them to my ancestors. This site will also cover researching for records in the United States and in Ireland or other countries where the ancestors lived, combining this with the DNA results to complete the analysis. My family, the Barry and Sauerwald sides and my husband’s family, the Coleman and Hocking sides, will be used in these examples.

In the collage the top row from left to right: My Dad’s parents, Frank Barry and Nora Byrnes wedding; My Mom’s parents, Anton Sauerwald and Louisa Wolff wedding: My Mom as a baby, Marie Sauerwald: Nora Barry with her two sons: Frank is the baby and Byrnes, my Dad, is the toddler; and Byrnes Barry and Marie Sauerwald, my parents, wedding. In the bottom row left to right: Louise Sauerwald, my grandmother, and me: and lastly 4 generations – Marie Barry, my daughter, her twins, and me. In the first photo the twins are 3 months old and the second photo was at Grannie Marie’s 98th birthday when they were 3 years old.

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